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Land Planer w/ Scarifying Teeth, Couplers and Material Screens

Land Planer w/ Scarifying Teeth, Couplers and Material Screens

$5,575.00 Regular Price
$5,218.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax

This aggressive, multipurpose, affordable leveler is the perfect solution for site preparation. It cultivates, cuts, grades, and levels. The optional hydraulic scarifying teeth and bidirectional cutting edge enables you to use this in two directions – forwards and backwards – saving both time and money.



SKU 313043 Hydraulic Scarifying Teeth

SKU 320065 Flat- Faced Factory Installed Couplers 

SKU 313044 Removable Material Screens 

SKU: 900320
  • Features

    • Level and grade landscape jobs faster
    • Save time and labor
    • Use for cutting or grading, sod peeling, dirt clod pulverizing
    • Multidirectional tool
  • Video

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  • Specifications

    Model Planer
    Part Number 900320
    Width 78”
    Length 48.75”
    Cutting Edge 1/2” x 6” (2)
    Weight 650 lb.
    With Optional Scarifying Teeth  
    Digging Shanks 6
    Shank Construction T-1 Steel
    Shank Spacing 12.75”
    Digging Depth 4.25
    Teeth Tips AR400
    Weight 750 lb.
    Hydraulic Scarifying Teeth  
    Removable Material Screens  
    Factory Installed Couplers
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