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Tilt Attachment w/ Couplers

Tilt Attachment w/ Couplers

$5,450.00 Regular Price
$4,590.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax

The Tilt Attachment connects as an adapter between a skid steer loader’s quick attach and its attachment. Controlled from the loader seat, the Tilt Attachment permits a skid steer to cut grades, ditches and swales, and keep attachments level on hilly ground. Unlike other tilt attachments, the design provides the lateral stability and tilting accuracy required for smooth machine control.

SKU: 900639, 320057
  • Features

    • Large 5″ Center Bushing
    • Rotates left or right up to 17° from the skid steer’s horizontal centerline, with equal operation and speed when tilting in either direction
    • Dual cylinder design provides both smooth operation and superior tilting force
    • Perfect for machine control applications using laser or sonic-guided equipment
    • Replaceable nylon material at wear points means no grease, minimizing maintenance time and costs
  • Specifications

    Model Tilt Attachment
    Part Number 900639
    Weight 470 lb.
    Width 57.2”
    Height 20.9”
    Depth 11.13”
    Oscillation +/- 17°
    Cylinders 2
    Cylinder Bore 2.5”
    Cylinder Rod 1.25”
    Cylinder Stroke 6”
    Hydraulic Control Valve Kit (for secondary functions)  
    Pistol Grip Control Harness*  
    Loader Specific Wire Harness*  
    Mount Frame Spacer  
    Factory Installed Couplers  
    *Required for optional hydraulic control valve kit
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